TOKYO – Here I come! (Part 1)

T.O.K.Y.O – the city of dreams 😉

After 7 days in Japan exploring Osaka & Kyoto, comes the time for me to set my foot in TOKYO! The most convenient way for me to go to Tokyo from Kyoto was via Shinkansen. Heard so much about Shinkansen and now I’m about to ride in one!

I went to Kyoto station to purchase a one way unreserved ticket (cost me ¥13,080 whattt) Unreserved means free seating. Keep your eyes on the free seating train entrance (normally towards the back) so that you won’t accidentally entered a reserved coach. Upon entering, it was a WHOA moment. They have racks for your luggage & I was lucky to get a seat just beside the entrance as there is a small space behind the seat where I can put my small cabin luggage.

Here’s some pictures for your eyes:

It took me 2 hours to reach Tokyo from Kyoto. What amazed me even more was the spacious seating (much spacious than AirAsia X flight seat, I kid you not). Don’t even makes me talk about their toilet. Clean & big. I should have taken pictures of the toilet as a proof.

Upon arriving in Tokyo, my god. Tokyo people are a walking machine. Their pace was…simply fast & you just have to keep up with them or be left behind. I talked about this with my Airbnb host & I said I was a bit taken aback by the pace in Tokyo as compared to Kyoto & Osaka. He said I should come to Tokyo first & experience the madness then retreat to a more laidback Kyoto & Osaka. Haha makes sense to me.

As I arrived in Tokyo station, I had trouble finding empty lockers to stash my bags since I still have plenty of time before meeting my Airbnb host. All big lockers are filled up & after much walking & searching I stumbled upon a luggage storage service (¥800 per bag) just beside the Nihombashi Side (Arrival Bus Terminal) entrance. Then I make my way to my first stop in Tokyo – GUNDAM statue in Odaiba!

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
Tadaaa! Oh my GUNDAM!
I took pictures with the Statue of Liberty as well & my uncle really thought that I went to New York after I upload the picture in Facebook LOL

How to go there: Stop at Odaiba station (Yurikamome Line)

Travelling time from Tokyo station to Odaiba station back and forth did take me some time & I have to rush back to collect my luggage & meet my host at Oshiage station.

I am a bit late (I am so sorry!) and managed to meet my host (Josie) who picked me up & drove me to her house.

After I have settled myself, I have a bit of a chat with my host & her husband (Richard) and play with their fluffy dog, Sakura! I told them that I’m going to Shibuya to see Hachiko & the Shibuya’s crossing afterwards & Josie said ‘Tonight?’. I wondered why she said that. Maybe she expected me to rest instead. Well, you do not rest if you are in Tokyo, right? 😉

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
As I want to step out of the house & I said bye to Josie, she said to me ‘Are you wearing just that? Please take a jacket with you’. I was only wearing a woolly sweater & did not bring my jacket. I thought I can stand the cold but I’m glad she asked me to bring a jacket since it was a bit chilly that night.

When I get off Shibuya station, I exited a wrong exit (supposed to exit at Hachiko exit). I have to make a turn to be at the Shibuya’s crossing. As I approached the crossing, I was looking for a place to grab a bite first as I was famished & that’s when I came across Hachiko statue. I basically stop in my track & whispered ‘Hachi..’ to myself & can’t believe that I actually saw him. I can’t described how I feel at that time. Overwhelmed with emotions best described it T_T

As there was quite a people at the statue at that time, I make my way to an underground supermarket just beside Hachi’s statue to get my super late dinner. Afterwards, I climbed up again & to my delight there was not much people around the statue & I managed to get a decent pictures with the help of a Filipino girl that were at the statue as well.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
I’m a happy girl, love you Hachi
Then, I joined the crowd for the Shibuya’s crossing scramble. Verdict? Urmm, what’s the fuss all about? It’s just a crossing haha. But I guess it was much more interesting to see people crossing it from afar. I managed to get a video of the scramble from an upper level of some shopping mall in the area.

After shooting the video, I did some walkabout around Shibuya. There are lots and lots of shops here from electronics, (more) clothes and other stuff. Just get your yen at the ready.

How to go to Hachiko statue/Shibuya’s crossing: Stop at Shibuya’s station (Hanzomon Line)

Useful info:

Train, Bus, Shinkansen, Airplanes schedule/route: Hyperdia

Info on Passes in Kyoto:

Offline Map: (App Store)

Free Wifi in Japan: Japan Wi-Fi, Travel Japan (App Store)

Halal food guide in Japan: Halal Gourmet Japan, Halal Navi, MusNavi, Halal Media Japan, HHWT

Japan info group in Facebook: Road To Japan

Accomodation: Airbnb (App Store – sign up using my ID here to get RM90 off your first Airbnb stay!)


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