Who Am I & Why Am I Here

This is an assignment from WordPress under ‘Learning the Fundamentals of Blogging!’ >.<

Oh it feels like college days again, when I see the word ‘Assignment’.

So, let me just babble about myself here.

I am currently residing in Selangor, Malaysia and just decided that travelling will be a part of my life big time after having to skip it (involuntarily) for the past year. Currently riding solo, I guess your life has to crash down for a bit in order for you to get back up again, stronger & wiser.

I still remember my first dream-holiday-come-true destination which is BALI that I went with my best friend in 2012. It was my first travel destination after I started working & ever since, the travel bug latched on me like a leech & I just can’t stop travelling. Prior to that, I have been to Jakarta (via student loan), Melbourne & Sydney (via family sponsorship LOL).

I make it a point to travel to at least one new place every year (oversea) + local places & managed to do it quite diligently up until 2015.

Why only until 2015? Well, being with someone who did not enjoy travelling was a big roadblock & thank God I managed to remove that roadblock starting from 2016 & I vow to explore the world more than ever now.

Okay back to why am I here. I have been writing a blog since my university days & I must say the content was purely hormonal & full of teen-youth angst. Thinking about what I wrote really makes me cringe now (don’t worry I deleted that blog already). Nowadays, I constantly ask myself what do I like, what do I enjoy the most & the answer has always been reading, writing & travelling. And eating (random order). Not to forget, I must say that reading Dr. Beni’s blog & following him in his social media channels kinda rekindle my old buried hobby of reading & writing.

I think I was too busy working & caring for people other than myself that makes me forgotten what matter the most to me. I have forgotten that I am the most important thing in my life. I have to take care of myself, first.

My trip to Japan this year are a big deal for me, it’s like I’m entering into a different dimension & coming out refreshed in a way that are hard to described. And I have decided to share my travel journey with all of you from now onward because, good things are meant to be shared =)

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