Kuromon Market, Umeda Sky Building, Kaiyukan & Kyoto!


I started my day early as I am heading to the famous Kuromon Market! My mission here – eat till I can’t eat anymore >.<

By 8AM I am already in front of the market entrance. Not much people yet at this time & the market was not fully opened yet. You can find almost everything here – fresh sashimi & sushi, fruits, tons of seafood, mochi & other dessert, pickles etc. Let the pictures do the talking.

How to go to Kuromon Market: Stop at Nippombashi Station (2 minutes walk to the market)

I am supposed to head to Osaka Museum of Living after Kuromon Market but I spent almost 3 hours here! I wanted to rent the kimono (free rental for 30 minutes) at the museum & read that I should be in line for the rental before 10AM (otherwise it will be fully booked), but it’s already pass 10AM & I decided to skip it all together. I decided to go to Umeda Sky Building instead.

Heard that the view from the top is amazing so yeah, why not. The entrance fee is ¥1,000 for adult o_O (not expecting that price though) but I went for it anyway.

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Umeda Sky Building


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View from the top
If you would like to view the city of Osaka from the top, please come here. And a little tip, the souvenir shop here has a sensible priced souvenir (chopstick of 5 priced at ¥550, other place could be as high as ¥1,500 & it’s the same design!)

How to go to Umeda Sky Building: Stop at Umeda Station (10-15 minutes walk to the Sky Building)

After a good 2 hour plus at the Sky Building, I head to Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street. I did not managed to locate the place at the first place (typed a less than accurate address in my map app). But as they say, getting lost a little bit didn’t hurt right? I wandered inside Tenjinbashisuji shopping mall instead which has a beautiful park towards the back. Decided to rest my feet for a while & have a little picnic here =)

Ogimachi Park

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Picnic time!
I managed to find my way to Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street by asking the workers inside the mall. I must say that there is nothing much here. Shinsaibashi shopping street is much more happening.

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Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street
How to go here: Stop at Ogimachi Station (10-15 minutes walk to the shopping street)

Afterwards, I am back at Shinsaibashi + Dotonbori area to get my Alaskan crab. Yummehhh to the max. Please try it if you happened to be here, the flesh is so sweet & fresh & the crab head is so fatty & I-don’t-know-how-to-describe, you must try it! Price: both the claw & head is around ¥1,000.

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Sedapnya! *drool*
As a coffee lover, I can’t help to notice lots and lots of coffee shop here in Shinsaibashi area. Please try the Excelsior Coffee and The Honolulu Coffee & Co.

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Coffee time – last night in Osaka

As an animal lover, I must say that I need to pit my stop at some animal based attraction in Japan. And I heard & saw about Kaiyukan Aquarium in many of my social media friends feed & in many travel blog as well. So I definitely have to check it out right?

I made my way to Kaiyukan after checking out from my Airbnb stay (my host mum & dad was kind enough to give me a lift to Tennoji station). I must say that my journey to Osakako station was a bit challenging since the train switch is not as smooth as I thought it would be. It didn’t help that I need to lugged around my almost 10KG backpack as well (fine, I am not that fit -__-)

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With Tomomi – my super duper host!
Managed to stow away my luggage at the Osakako station locker & walked to Kaiyukan (10 minute’s walk)

But I need to say that I am a bit frustrated that they do not have any show here (that’s why I can’t find any info earlier in their website). What they have is feeding time & by the time I arrived some of the feeds already ended & I will need to wait for another round in the evening.

I have been other Aquariums (Seaworld in Gold Coast & SeaLife at Melbourne) and I think I prefer those rather than Kaiyukan. Sorry =) But if you haven’t been to any Aquarium before, please do visit here if you have the chance.

Anyway, some more pictures for your eyes:

How to go here: Stop at Osakako station (10 minutes walk)

Spent around 3 hours here & I rushed back to take my luggage & proceed my journey to KYOTO! I am rushing since I want to arrive at Kyoto before it gets dark (it starts to get dark around 4PM here in Japan).

I took the normal train to Kyoto since it cost the lowest (around ¥1,040 with 2 transfer) and took 55 minutes. You also have the choice to take the Shinkansen or Thunderbird.

I must say the change of sight as I approach Kyoto is amazing. Many autumn colours along the way. Too bad I didn’t manage to capture some video as I was enjoying the ride. But I can still replay the scene in my head 😉

Once you reached Kyoto station, be prepared to be blown away by the station’s huge size & architecture.

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JR Kyoto Station
Kyoto have a really efficient bus transportation system. You can get a Bus Day Pass or other day passes for a great savings. I opt to use the train & just topup my ICOCA for most of my travel in Kyoto.

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My Airbnb stay in Kyoto – home for 5 days
After settling down in my stay, I go back to Kyoto station to hunt for my dinner. Read about Tagoto on Shoji-dori restaurant located in THE CUBE inside JR Kyoto Isetan. Managed to find it! The set that I take is seafood based & are decently priced (1,380 yen).

Finally, a proper Japanese meal!
For dessert, I went to Nakamura Tokichi. If you type ‘matcha dessert in Kyoto’, this dessert place will popped up. This Matcha Parfait is heaven in your mouth. I kid-you-not.

In average, the Japanese spend ¥1,500 per meal when eating out (that’s what I read, could be less) and I only budgeted RM50 per day LOL (¥1,300). I definitely blow up my food budget while in Japan. You can always get your food at the kombini (convenient store) if you want to cut cost. Salmon onigiri will cost you only ¥150 and for drinks another ¥150. But I guess you can’t eat at the kombini all the time right? And cooking is out of question. So my advise is just splurge on food & experience all the different cuisine that you can get here. Bila lagi kan nak experience real Japanese food? 😉

Next post – My bucket list ticked! To ARASHIYAMA Bamboo Groove we go!

Useful info:

Train, Bus, Shinkansen, Airplanes schedule/route: Hyperdia

Info on Passes in Osaka: http://www.osaka-info.jp/en/plan/practical_information/travel_passes/, http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2357_kansai.html

Info on Passes in Kyoto: http://www.insidekyoto.com/special-kyoto-bus-train-subway-passes

Offline Map: maps.me (App Store)

Free Wifi in Japan: Japan Wi-Fi, Travel Japan (App Store)

Halal food guide in Japan: Halal Gourmet Japan, Halal Navi, MusNavi, Halal Media Japan, HHWT

Japan info group in Facebook: Road To Japan

Accomodation: Airbnb (App Store – sign up using my ID to get RM90 off your first Airbnb stay!)


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